Your body shape reveals your health, get your body in good shape, healthy and attractive.

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Face & Head

The most visible area for aging – the head & face is your portal to the world & their eyes are on you.

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Skin & Hair

Healthy glowing, tight and clear skin with hair in the right places is everyone’s dream.

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For Men

Smart Beauty Guide highlights the procedures that help maintain a man’s masculinity and strength.

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Promote Patient Safety

is the highest priority of Global Cosmetic

Our philosophy is simple, yet carefully studied. All physicians, surgeons, clinics and hospitals were carefully chosen and had to adhere to a list of rigorous medical standards before being added to our network. Each recommended surgeon must be board-certified in his/her specialty and recognized and certified by at least one of the international board of surgery. Fluency of the English language is also a requirement.

  • ISAP: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • ABPS: American Board of Plastic Surgery

Most medical facilities of our network are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is considered the gold standard in global health care with a total of only 664 hospitals that meet these standards.



Global Cosmetic News

“10 Common Plastic Surgery Mistakes”

If you’re considering having plastic surgery, you want to make sure you’ve done all your homework before you go under the knife. Here are the top 10 mistakes most people make before going under.
  • Mistake 1: Not Knowing Where to Start Looking

  • Mistake 2: Choosing Your Surgeon Without Evaluating Their Training And Credentials

  • Mistake 3: Not Realizing The Risks Of Fixing A Bad Plastic Surgery Job

  • Mistake 4: Believing You Won’t Be Scarred

  • Mistake 5: Forgetting To Ask About Possible Complication

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