Since the merging of our two companies, Global Dental Tourism & Cosmetic Global have been recruiting sales team in various U.S. states. At the moment, the core of our clients are located on the East coast and are seeking motivated individuals to sell cosmetic and dental packages on a referral basis, which means the core of your job, as all sales jobs, will be to sell our services to people who are already motivated to seek high quality dental or plastic surgery outside the United States.

Who Do We Want?

-Someone motivated and not afraid to speak to others regarding cosmetic or dental topics.
-You do not need medical background but must be able to learn the basics of cosmetic and dental tourism.

Basic Statistics

  • Liposuction surgeries are up 5% from last year
  • 1.5 million Americans traveled abroad for medical treatment in 2014
  • Male breast reduction are up 29% since 2000
  • Medical tourism to Costa Rica increases from 10% to 15% every year


-We will pay you a percentage commission for each patient referred which ranges from $300 to $1000 (there is no cap but let’s stay realistic!)
-70% of patients now travel in pair which doubles the commission
-We offer discounts on international travel & hotels to all our Sales Team
-For the EXTRA motivated individuals, we may implement an exclusivity contract with you in your city and vicinity. (that will require some serious results, though…)

As our services are growing rapidly from North Carolina to Florida, we encourage all students to consider this opportunity.

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