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Countries are competing for business on a global scale with the medical providers working in the United States health care system. Those countries are stepping up to the plate to provide safe, affordable options to our current system. Following extensive research, meetings with medical providers, and personal facility visits and tours, we are excited and honored to present the best options available to our clients!

Whereas most companies are found in the country of the treatment destination, we, at Cosmetic Global and Global Dental Tourism are located at the heart of the US, right in Washington, DC.

We are concerned with perpetual negative changes to the health care system that will continue to strip average Americans from receiving adequate health benefits millions receive in third-world countries!

We, Cosmetic Global ONLY refer board-certified surgeons whom we have met and visited their JCI-approved facilities.

YOUR MEDICAL TRIP… what to expect from us

Consult with the surgeon prior to your departure.
Flight scheduling, hotel accommodation and airport pick up.
We facilitate for you before, during, and after your medical trip.
We provide retreat, relaxation and optional activities while on your trip.

In Details

  1. The highest quality of hospitals & clinics through JCI and AAAASF
  2. The highest quality of board-certified surgeons in their specialty
  3. The most affordable rate with up to 80% in saving vs US and Europe prices
  4. Specialized tour services
  5. Best wholesale airfare rates
  6. Wide choice of hotels based on patient’s budget (4* or 5*)
  7. Medical follow up
  8. Privacy & confidentiality
  9. Contact us 24 hrs/day for emergency (phone, email, online, skype, text messaging)

Prices Include:

  • Surgical Procedure
  • Anesthesiology Cost
  • Transportation
  • All medical appointments
  • Stay in Clinic or Hospital

Terms & Conditions