In the meantime, we have simplified the process while adding all the necessary detailed steps.
We believe your first step should be researching information on medical tourism through the maze of the internet. Then you should visit our website to get a clearer idea on treatment, rates, schedules. We encourage you to go through our site (or others on the internet) and contact us at your convenience.



1. Learn about cosmetic tourism alternatives

Contact Us

1. Fill out online form (Request Free Quote)
2. Include medical document (optional)

Analysis of Medical Needs & Treatment Quote

1. Dentist will analyze your case
2. Global Dental Tourism (GDT) will provide an approximate quote in two business days

Consultation by Phone with Medical Specialist

1. He/she will discuss the details of the procedures
2. Discuss payment options

Scheduling Medical Travel

1. GDT assigns you a USA case manager
2. Fill out detailed questionnaire for the dentist to review (Medical transcript, MRI, X-rays, photos, digital format best)
3. GDT facilitates sending documents (strict medical privileges)
4. GDT facilitates sending documents (strict medical privileges)
5. Set up hotels, transportation, tours

Booking Arrangements

1. Transportation arrangements by Dupont Travel, DC
2. Accepted payments: Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Wire

Medical Travel

1. An agent will pick you up before you clear Customs and a chauffeur will take you to your hotel

Admission & Treatment

1. Confirmation of diagnosis from the dentist
2. Treatment begins

Recovery & Rehabilitation

1. You will rest and recover in the comfort of the hotel within ten minutes from the clinic

Tour Package Options

1. You will have the choice to explore the country if you wish

Fly Home or Extend Stay

1. A chauffeur will take you back to the airport

Follow up

1. A medical specialist will be in contact with you
2. Global Dental Tourism will check with you as well. You can contact us anytime