Medical Request Letter

Today, many patient-physician e-mails contain material that exposes physicians to legal difficulties.

To use e-mail communications lawfully, physicians must consider how to comply with special e-medi­cal privacy matters. Otherwise, in addition to HIPAA-related sanctions, physicians will face such causes of action as breach of confidentiality, inva­sion of privacy, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary relationship, if they are considered to have unreasonably publicized medical information.

Physicians have found that medical errors can be reduced when the Internet is used to send elec­tronic medical records and information. It has been shown that the Internet can improve the speed and accuracy of transmission of patient medical data. While physicians continue to rely on personal and telephone contacts to practice medicine, they are increasingly using e-mail to communicate with pa­tients, insurers, and colleagues.

To receive a more accurate quote, we recommend you provide your most current dental evaluation, preferably via email if you have. Many physicians are reluctant to providing such details information in writing in fear of losing a patient to another physician. However, if you ever need to request your medical records via email.

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If your records are non-electronic, it will take one week for the surgeon to evaluate your case.

If you need to submit a form to a physician to obtain your medical records, fill-up the form, and send it to them.

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